Don’t text and drive!

Tis the season for holiday fun! As we get closer to the New Year, we want to make sure that you, your family and friends stay safe! We will be posting tips to prevent impaired driving and promote a healthy holiday season for everyone. Let’s start with a pledge to drive sober and to avoid distractions while driving. Which brings us to our first tip…

Tip 1: Put down that cell phone! You may be taking the pledge to avoiding drinking and driving, but that doesn’t mean the personUsing phone while driving in the car next to you is. Be alert and pay attention to the road because you never know who had too much eggnog during that ugly Christmas sweater party. It just takes a split second for someone to swerve into your lane and if you’re looking at your phone or not paying attention you could get hurt. If you have to answer that text, just pull over. No text is worth your life.

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