Rise Above It Youth Clubs:

  • A RAI Club is a sub-group of the Rise Above It Lexington Two Community Coalition.
  • RAI Clubs encourage youth leadership and development.
  • RAI Clubs provide opportunities for students to come together within School District Two to focus on, but not limit themselves to, the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse in the schools and community.
  • RAI clubs should develop alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention projects that  promote positive, healthy and protective behaviors and decisions among the youth.
  • The students will serve as youth advisors and provide valuable insight to the RAI Coalition concerning various community initiatives.

Environmental Scans:

A community assessment tool that looks at the advertisement of alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) products, marijuana paraphernalia and merchandising. The purpose of the scans are to help identify factors in the community that may contribute to alcohol and marijuana use.

“Out of Their Hands” Campaign:

A statewide campaign emphasizing that providing alcohol to minors is against the law and together we can keep it “Out of Their Hands.” RAI partners with the Drug Free Midlands Collaborative (DFMC) to educate parents, caregivers, merchants and community members about the consequences of providing alcohol to minors or hosting underage drinking parties.

Project Sticker Shock: April through June, prom and graduation season, are high risk months for teen alcohol consumption. Each year during April, The Rise Above It coalition will partner with BI-LO and other businesses in the community to remind customers that it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors. Lexington Two high school students, coalition members and officers from the SC Alcohol Enforcement Team (AET) will enter stores and place stickers and bottle hangers on products containing alcohol sharing the message: “Know the Law! It is illegal to purchase or provide alcohol for anyone under 21!” This project is one of the activities of the “Out of Their Hands!” campaign that aims to reduce underage drinking during the festivities surrounding prom and graduation.

Lexington Two Student Risk Survey:

A district-wide survey for students in grades 6-11 that is administered annually and asks about four core measures related to alcohol, tobacco and marijuana: perception of risk of harm, perception of parental disapproval, perception of peer disapproval and 30-day use rates. This survey is a DFC requirement and is completely anonymous and voluntary.

Youth Leadership Training:

A yearly training in October for middle and high school students in grades 6-12. The trainings are designed to help youth implement and promote drug free prevention initiatives in their schools and community, serve in youth advisory roles for the coalition and provide ATOD education to their peers and encourage healthy lifestyles.